Balloon flights start from a grass strip at the Post Mills Airport near Lake Fairlee and are generally scheduled for 6am or 2 hours before sunset. Flights are available daily and can be scheduled year round.

The flights average just over an hour in duration but you should allow about three hours for your entire balloon experience including set-up and landing. You’ll travel anywhere from 3 to 15 miles in the balloon depending on the winds encountered at different altitudes. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the Connecticut River Valley as you float from as low as tree level to as high as several thousand feet. A chase crew follows the balloon and arrives at landing with a post flight Champagne/soft drink celebration.

There are no age limits as long as you are in good health. Dress as you would for any 3 hour outside activity during your chosen flying time of the year. It’s no colder in the air than on the ground. Comfortable hiking boots or sneakers are recommended footwear.

Brian Boland, your pilot, has been ballooning since 1970, is one of the most experienced pilots in the world, has set numerous world records, won national championships and has flown all over the world, including flights over the Alps and Andes. He’s a renowned balloon designer/builder and story teller.

After your flight you’ll get a chance to see Brian’s Balloon Museum. It houses his private collection of over 100 balloons, airships, special interest & antique vehicles and other “neat” interesting, rusty, dusty stuff.

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